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  Interesting Facts  
  • Acorns are an important winter food for many animals
  • February and March are the best times to prune apple trees
  • Oak trees begin leafing out in May
  • Rhododendrons can attain heights of 40 feet - June is their best month.

What do we do?
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  Green Grass in the Winter?!    
It's a wonder we spend so much time on our lawn ending up watching it go dormant for the winter time. With this much time invested, become aware, proud, and willing to keep up the good healthy work keeping your lawn fresh, green, and healthy even through the winter months.

Remember, the better we keep our lawn maintained, the less we see in the way of pests and insects. Truly a green lawn, one that is given more care than usual, is a seller point in all aspects.

Here is a list of the tools and materials you will need during the winter months :
  • A garden hose
  • A 5 gallon bucket
  • A hose feeder
  • Miracle grow
  • Warm water
  • A hose attachment to a sink.
  • And lots of care.
To start off with, get a five gallon bucket and empty a whole container of Miracle grow into the bucket. Fill the bucket with water until filled. This will be the solution in which you will water your lawn during the winter months. You will now need a hose feeder, which is a container that hooks to the end of the hose and sucks out the Miracle solution, in which is contained in the spreader and waters your lawn. You will now hook the end of the hose to the hose attachment that hooks to your kitchen sink. Turn on the water in the sink and make sure that the water is more than luke warm. Sit back and watch your lawn grow miracles.
Once the spreader feeder has emptied, you may repeat the process as many times as needed, but I recommend that you apply the mixture at least twice per week, as the lawn can go dormant if you do not water more often.

Now you know the secret. But there is more. Why warm water? Why during the winter time? And why even keep the lawn green? I tell you now, what care you give to your lawn during the dormant time, is essential in bringing forth a healthy and strong lawn in the summer months to come. It is essential in grooming your lawn all year long. Using warm water, elongates the cavities of the root system. This in turn keeps the roots from going dormant, thus providing the grass blades with water in which they need to grow.

So you see, there is a reason to everything. As long as you keep the roots active, you keep the texture, the activity, and the presence of a strong and healthy lawn. You also allow the roots to grow even thicker and deeper, as they would not be allowed during some of the hottest Summer months.

Last but least, you would always want to keep your lawn green. Not only does it affect the way that people view your responsibility habits, but it keeps pests away such as grubs, fleas, and other boring animals. Keep your lawn green, keep your work worthwhile. Happy lawn care to you.

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